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Low-voltage distribution board

  • NSE-MB301
  • MB301M

CCC certified with type designation.


  • It is suitable for LV electrical distribution system up to 1000V-50/60HZ.
  • It is easily adaptable for all diagram layouts and all typesof ships and offshore installations.


  • It allows for on-line testing and modifications to be carried out in complete security.
  • It is applicable for withdrawal Motor Control Center (MCC).


Standards and Regulations

  • Complies with IEC60439-1, BS5486, NFC63410, VDE0660-500 international standards regarding type testing assemblies.


  • Switchboards built can meet the requirements of DNV, LRS, CCS, ABS, GL, BV, NK, RINA, KR,  etc.



  • Functional unit in addition to conventional fixed and plug-in installation, cabinet type also has the fully with drawable installation program. Allow interchangeability and quick addition without switching off the section.



Security and Adaptability

  • Each column consists of standard parts, assembled in such a way that they can meet all installation requirements.


  • The architecture is characterized by four functional spaces: busbars, switchgear, connections, auxiliaries.


  • Each space is contained within a metallic enclosure which protects personnel from direct contact with live parts.


  • Its modular design provides it with great flexibility and adaptability characterized by operating security through individual equipment partitions (forms2,3,4).



General Characteristics

  • Service Accessibility: front and rear / front only
  • Cable inlets and outlets: bottom / top
  • Degree of protection: IP22(doors closed), (option: IP23 or IP32)
  • Width (mm): 600-1500
  • Height (mm): 2200
  • Depth (mm): 600-1500


Maximum Electrical Characteristics

  • Related insulation voltage: 1000V NFC20-040 cat C, 1000V VDE0110 GRC
  • Rated operating voltage: 400V、450V、600V、690Vac
  • Busbar rated current: horizontal 6300A, vertical: 2500 to 5000A
  • Thermal withstand: 50 to 100KA rms / 1 sec.
  • Electro-dynamic strength: 90 to 220 KA peak


Intelligent MCC (Option)

Protection functions:

  • Against thermal overload

  • Against phase imbalance and phase failure

  • Thermal motor protection via PTC probes

  • Against phase reversal

  • Against earth faults

  • Against long starting times and motor stalling

  • Against load fluctuations (I, U, P)

  • Against variations of Cos φ

Metering functions

  • Measurements (rms values): current on the 3 phases, voltage on the 3 phases, motor temperature, earth current

  • Values calculated: average current, frequency, Cosφ, power, power consumption.……

Motor control functions

A motor managed can be controlled:

  • Locally, using the logic inputs present on the product, or via the HMI terminal

  • Remotely, via the network

Motor control modes

5 predefined motor control modes are incorporated in the controller:

  • Overload mode: monitoring of motors whose control is not managed by the controller

  • Independent mode: starting of non-reversing motors

  • Reverser mode: starting of reversing motors

  • 2-step mode: 2-step starting of motors (star-delta, by autotransformer and by resistor)

  • 2-speed mode: 2-speed starting of motors

Statistical and diagnostic functions

  • Fault statistics: counters and history per type of protection

  • Motor statistics: saving of motor statistics values

  • Diagnosis of faults affecting correct operation of the product

The following networks are available

  • Modbus, CANopen, DeviceNet, ProfiBus DP

  • Ethernet TCP/IP

Our products

  • Panyu Platform

    Panyu Platform

Dedicated to Marine & Offshore Low Voltage Application.


  • Upgraded from Masterbloc Marine MB300M.
  • According to "Type Approval Programme" of DNV rules and the "Type Test Assembly" classification as defined IEC 60439-1&3, 60092 (maritime standard).


  • Comply with main classification societies: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, LRS, RINA, etc.
  • Rated Current up to 6300A
  • Thermal withstand: 100KA RMS/1s
  • Rated insulation voltage: 1000V
  • Compartment forms: 2 or 3 (form 4 on option)
  • Degree of protection: door closed IP22 (optional IP32)
  • Multi-function range: distribution switchboard (Type D), motor control centre (fixed: Type Mf), motor control centre  (withdrawable: Type Mw)

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